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Colorado Supreme Court Rejects Marijuana Dispensary Owner's Challenge to MMJ Regulations

                                                   Nearly two weeks ago the Colorado Supreme Court recently denied a medical marijuana dispensary owner's challenge to Colorado state laws and regulations governing that were implemented last year in an attempt to govern the Colorado medical marijuana industry. Just over two weeks ago, Andrew Reid, a Denver lawyer filled a petition on behalf of the Nederland Colorado medical marijuana dispensary owner, Kathleen Chippi.  The petition claims that the regulation passed by the state Legislature last year violated Colorado's state constitution, arguing that the regulations stand in direct violation of Colorado MMJ patients' constitutional right to privacy by mandating that all transactions at Colorado medical marijuana dispensaries must be recorded by video surveillance... Read More . Find More Colorado Medical Marijuana Resources for Dispensaries, medical marijuana patients and other MMJ businesses, including Colorado medic

CTI Petition to Protect Colorado Medical Marijuana Patient Privacy Denied

Tweet Cannabis Therapy Institute (CTI) Petition to Protect Colorado Medical Marijuana Patient Privacy was Denied January 19th, 2011.  Still some silver lining remains for Colorado MMJ Patients.  For immediate release: Jan. 19, 2011 by  Cannabis Therapy Institute (CTI) {Denver} -- The Colorado Board of Health denied the Cannabis Therapy  Institute's Petition for Emergency Rules to Protect Patient Privacy on Wednesday, January 19th 2011  on the grounds that the issue did not constitute an emergency as  defined by the state Administrative Procedure Act.  Regardless  of the Colorado Board of Health's decision to deny CTI's petition to institute rules that would help secure medical marijuana patient privacy, some good news for Colorado medical marijuana patients did emerge from the for the Board of  Health expressed great concern for the patient privacy issues brought up by CTI and agreed to hold an informational meeting on the topic at the next Board of Health meeting

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