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Colorado Political Battles over Legal Marijuana Use Intensifies

The debate over whether marijuana is medicinally beneficial is not new.

In November, Colorado voters will decide whether the legal right to use marijuana should be extended beyond medical patients, as is the limitations set by current laws, to be freely used by those who simply enjoy it as for recreational high. Many feel that Amendment 64 – which would put marijuana on a legal playing field with alcohol – to be a dishonor to those who require the plant for debilitating conditions.

“We still have a lot of work to do just within medical marijuana,” said James Laws, assistant manager of Good Chemistry, an MMJ dispensary on Colfax Avenue. “So I think that maybe 64 is just too much too soon.”

Laws moved to Colorado from Nashville in 2010, following the suggestion of a hometown friend who had a career as a cannabis cultivator. After enduring a long struggle in Nashville to get his partner access to medicinal cannabis – as treatment for his terminal bout with AIDS – Laws has first-hand kno…

Frosted Leaf Dispensary Review

Frosted Leaf Dispensary on Colfax  - Denver, CO The Frosted Leaf
6302 E. Colfax Ave.
Denver, CO 80220
Phone: 303-355-HERB

Marijuana Dispensary Map
Frosted Leaf Marijuana Prices and Deals: Eights starting at $35
Ounce Price: $150
Two OZs: $300

MMJ patients taking advantage of the 1 oz or 2 oz special at Frosted Leaf dispensary in Denver are free to mix and match marijuana strains.  Always over 8 strains on the menu.

Frosted Leaf Pot Strains Golden Goat
Romulan Kush
Lemon Skunk
and Others!

If you're not near the Frosted Leaf or you want to see what other dispensaries have to offer, checkout this map of medical marijuana dispensaries in Denver to find all the best deals on weed in Colorado.

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