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How Synthetic Pot is Used and Abused


Synthetic Marijuana: Use, Abuse, Side Effects, & Legality

There are many drugs available on the market for people to use.  Some of these drugs are legal and some of them are not, but often times that does not stop people from giving them a try.  New drug crazes are always coming out, and the problem is that with the latest thing comes the latest danger.  There is now something called synthetic marijuana, and there is information that people need to know about it.

Synthetic Marijuana Use – The Use of Synthetic Marijuana in the United States

Teenagers are always the first ones to try something new and exciting.  With the sale of what is being called legal pot, the number of young people trying this drug is on the rise.  Many law enforcement offers are already seeing the use and abuse of this synthetic drug causing many problems in their cities and are doing their best to warn parents about it.

Synthetic Marijuana Side-effects – The Dangers of Smoking Synthetic Marijuana

This year, a young boy in Pennsylvania died from lung failure after smoking synthetic marijuana. However, the cannabinoid that is the active ingredient in the synthetic marijuana has made teenagers suffer in a variety of ways.  Some teenagers are seeing hallucinations, while others are ending up catatonic.  This is just another way that synthetic marijuana is dangerous, its inability to predict how a person’s body will react to its effects.

Also, according to some studies, Synthetic Marijuana use may result in kidney problems.

Synthetic Marijuana & The Law – The Legal Pot

As of the spring of this year, the state of New York has officially banned synthetic marijuana for sale in its state.  The reasons behind the ban include the fact that many people have suffered serious consequences resulting from the smoking of the synthetic marijuana.  Over the course of the past three years, calls to the poison centers of New York have gone up all because people wanted to get high. New York is not the only state that is going to ban this dangerous new drug craze, many other states are also looking into prohibiting its sale.

Synthetic marijuana is called Spice, K2, White Rabbit, and many other names.  The drug is sold as incense, and although it is labeled that it is not for consumption, young people are still giving it a try.  There have already been a few deaths from both kidney and lung failure from smoking synthetic marijuana and it can affect people in many different ways that are proving difficult to predict.  Many states in the United States are looking to ban synthetic marijuana and even the President is looking into signing a ban, which would effectively end the sale of it in all fifty states.


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