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Colorado Medical Marijuana Legalization a Potential on 2012 Ballot


Potential of Marijuana Legalization on 2012 Ballot in Colorado

According to CNN, Colorado would gain an additional $17.6 million in tax revenue if they made it completely legal to sell, grow and consume medical marijuana. Currently, it is legal in Colorado to use medical marijuana if you have a good reason and a prescription from the doctor.

What about all the people who are using marijuana but don’t necessarily have these conditions. Well, technically speaking, given current laws governing the use marijuana in Colorado, these people are committing a crime because it is illegal in every U.S. state to purchase, buy, sell and use medical marijuana. Therefore, so many illegal activities are constantly taking place because people are still consuming marijuana without the government knowing it. It is actually a good thing if medical marijuana is legalized, and Colorado seems to be on the forefront of this thinking.

In most states, medical marijuana is still illegal. However, in 2012 Colorado, along with California are way ahead of the game—they are already considering changing the laws to state that marijuana is legal for recreational as well as medicinal use. So while most of the U.S. states are still operating under laws outlawing marijuana as an illegal drug, it is at medical marijuana dispensaries and cannabis clinics in other U.S. states. If each person who was using marijuana illegally were to be forced to pay taxed on it, Colorado would have an additional approximate $17.6 million in tax revenue.

With most states still wondering if marijuana will ever be available for medical reasons, Colorado residents are left wondering which way the vote will go this election season. Colorado residents will likely be given a choice whether marijuana should be legal or not. The state is almost split exactly half way and the 2012 vote could go either way.

While many people understand the value that taxing marijuana brings to the government, there are many people who feel as though the selling and buying of the medical marijuana is too easily abused. According to recent news casts, President Obama is still weary of new states allowing legal medical marijuana, even with all the added benefits. This being said, it is rare Colorado residents will be given the opportunity to take it a step further and determine if marijuana should be legal outside of using it for medical reasons. With so many benefits accompanying the legalization of cannabis for medical purposes, those who would possibly vote against it should understand it’s medicinal benefits and how it truly helps MMJ patients and the Colorado economy.

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