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White Widow MMJ Strain Review + Info

White Widow Marijuana Strain White widow strain marijuana is perhaps the most well know cannabis strain among MMJ patients, others involved in the medical marijuana business, recreational users of marijuana and the general public.  White widow strain marijuana is popular for a reason, it is a potent indica/sativa (60/40) crossbreed cannabis strain with a pleasant, long lasting effects for MMJ patients.   In addition to the benefits White Widow strain marijuana may bring to MMJ patients, because the White Widow cannabis seeds and plants are one of the easiest marijuana strains to grown and yields a higher amount of marijuana than most medical marijuana strains, it a very popular marijuana strain to grow.  For this reason White Widow can normally be found at most Colorado MMJ dispensaries  for fair prices.  White Widow seeds or plants can be grown indoors or outdoors, using a hydroponic grow system or soil.  White Widow Strain Review White Widow Strain marijuana buds ar

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