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Dutchmen's Royal Orange Strain Review

Dutchmen's Royal Orange Marijuana Strain Review Dutchmen's Royal Orange Marijuana Strain: Appearance,  Smell  and Taste Appearance: The first thing that struck when I first saw Dutchmen's Royal Orange marijuana strain was the strains unusually orange tint.  Closer examination of the Royal Orange buds reveals a covering of fine, light orange to red hairs.  Greenery of Dutchmen's  Royal Orange buds are tightly packed into often bulky, yet dense, medium to large size nugs. Smell: When it comes to the strains scent, the name Dutchmen's Royal Orange  tells half the story.  That is, the Royal Orange medical marijuana strain emits a pleasant  sweet citrus smell (i.e. the 'orange' in Dutchmen's Royal Orange).  What the marijuana strains name does not reveal is the slight skunk smell that is characteristic of cannabis strains with Skunk lineage. Taste:  Once you've exhaled Dutchman's Royal Orange for the first time its Skunk #1 her

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