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AK-47 Strain Review

AK-47 Marijuana Strain
AK-47 has been among one of the most popular strains of cannabis for both marijuana growers and users.  There are several reasons for the strains lasting popularity.  First of all, growers love the strain because AK-47 seeds are particularly easy to grow and yet still very strong.  Moreover, given AK-47 plants medium height, they produce ample yields in a relatively short period of time.  For a Sativa marijuana strain AK has a short flowering period.  

Review of AK-47 Weed Stain Because of the consistently quick yield of quality product it is now commonly commercially produced in large quantities and quite easy to come across.  For this reason, regardless of the high quality of AK many medical marijuana clinics offer significant discounts on AK-47.  The Herbal Center (THC), for instance, has an ongoing special of an eighth of an ounce (3.5 grams) of AK-47 for $35.
You don't have to take my word for the general esteem felt for AK-47.  In fact, the AK-47 strain h…

Denver Medical Marijuana Dispensary | Natures Cure LLC | Clinic Review

Natures Cure LLC

Colorado Caregiver and Dispensary Review

Denver's #1 Source for Medical Marijuana Reviews and Ratings
Dispensary / Caregiver Information:
Natures Cure LLC 2740 West 9th Denver, CO 80204
Phone: (303) 934-9503
Nature's Cure Hours of Operation: Open Seven Days a Week 11 AM to 7 PM
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The Giving Tree Dispensary Review | Denver, Colorado

The Giving Tree of Denver

Dispensary Information:

The Giving Tree of Denver
2707 W. 38th Ave.
Denver, CO 80211

Hours of Operation:
11 AM - 8 PM * 7 Days a Week *

The Giving Tree of Denver is located in a hard-to-miss celery green colored building located on 38th Avenue in Denver. "Voted Patients Choice Top 10" by Most High Magazine, The Giving Tree has earned a name for itself among Denver Caregivers. Most likely this is due to their dedication to professionalism and exceptional strains of cannabis.

The Giving Tree keeps over thirty-five top shelf strains of medical marijuana in-house and on display.  While I say that the strains offered by The Giving Tree are "top shelf," what I should say is that they are "at the top of the shelf," so to speak.    One might even say that The Giving Tree's medical marijuana is nothing short of spectacular.  Many of their quality marijuana strains, listed below, are featured in a four page segment published in the Can…

Denver Medical Marijuana Clinics | Southwest Alternative Care Clinic Review

Southwest Alternative Care Medical Marijuana Dispensary Review and Rating
Colorado Marijuana Caregiver and Dispensary Review from Marijuana Connections
Denver's #1 Source for Medical Marijuana Ratings and Reviews

Dispensary / Caregiver Information:

Southwest Alternative Care
1940 West Mississippi Ave.
Denver, CO 80223

Phone: (303) 593-2931

Hours of Operation:
10 AM to 9 PM - 7 Days a Week

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Complete Southwest Alternative Care Review and Rating Coming Soon

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