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Denver Medical Marijuana Dispensary | Herban Wellness Inc. | Clinic Rating and Review

Herban Wellness Inc. Colorado Caregiver and Dispensary Review from Denver's #1 Source for Medical Marijuana Reviews and Ratings Dispensary / Caregiver Information: Herban Wellness Inc. Denver, Colorado 4155 E Jewell Ave, #405 (off I-25 and Colorado Blvd.) View Larger Map Herban Wellness Inc. Featured Top Shelf Strains: Super Skunk Snow Berry Grape Skunk Cough Herijuana Millenium Fruity Juice AK-48 Orange Velvet Herer BC God Bud White Rhino Marley's Collie Lavender White Rhino x Grapefruit Blueberry x Cherrybomb Bubblegum The Hog Fruity Pebbles Strawberry Cough Shiva Skunk Romulan NYC Diesel Bubble Jack Herban Wellness Inc. Top Shelf Strain Prices: 1 gram = $18 3.5 grams = $55 7 grams = $110 1/2 oz = $215 1 oz = $420 Herban Wellness Inc. Featured Mid Grade Strains: Shiva Haze Strawberry Haze AK-47 Power Plant Mazar K2 Herban Wellness Inc. Mid Grade Strain Prices: 1 gram = $16 3.5 grams = $45

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